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What are Telehealth Consultations?

TeleHealth Consultations are physiotherapy sessions done via an online video platform 

KT Physiotherapy uses Physitrack. Physitrack provides a high quality, secure and encrypted video conferencing between the client and their physiotherapist. It is free, easy to use and requires no additional installation once you log on to the website or the free app for patients, PhysiApp.

When to access Telehealth Consultations?

If you are unwell, self isolating, in quarantine or unable to attend the clinic for any reason and you would like to access physiotherapy services.

If you are well, able and feel comfortable to attend the clinic, a face-to-face appointment allows a thorough physical assessment and hands on treatment. 

Who is suited to Telehealth Consultations?

  • Prenatal & post natal ladies who would like physiotherapy education sessions

  • Pregnant and Post natal clients who cannot or do not wish to attend face to face consults for a physiotherapy assessment.  

    • Professional advice and recommendations based on your stage of pregnancy or post natal recovery. 

    • Assessment of current function, movement and strength, exercise prescription with feedback on technique.  

  • Patients with pelvic floor dysfunction and associated conditions

    • Diagnosis

    • Advice and Education​

    • Assessment of current function and movement patterns

    • Exercise Prescription

  • Patients with acute musculoskeletal injuries

    • Screening of injuries that may require imaging. 

    • Advice on early treatment management, education and exercise prescription.

  • Other chronic conditions can also be assessed and treated with TeleHealth Consultations

    • Diagnosis and advice

    • Assessment of current function and movement patterns

    • Exercise prescription with feedback technique.

To access Telehealth Consultation with Physitrack you require:

• Internet connection
• A computer, laptop or phone that has a camera and microphone.

Booking a Telehealth Consult

  • You can Book online or contact me.  

  • All patients will receive an email with access details for Physitrack/PhysiApp.

Cost of Telehealth Sessions - Payment is made by debit or credit card at the end of consult.

  • Initial Consultation - $110 (45-60min) 

  • Subsequent / Follow Up Consultations - $80 (30min)

  • Medicare Enhanced Primary Care  Plan for Chronic Disease Management - Bulk Billed Initial and Subsequent Consults​

    • Please advise at time of booking.

Can I claim on Private Health Insurance?

Some health funds will provide coverage for one on one tele-consultations with a physiotherapists. ​

Benefit payments will be on production of a receipt from the provider, thereby the patient will need to pay for the consultation and then claim the benefit through their health fund. 

Health Fund Members should check with their health fund to see if they will cover telehealth physiotherapy consultation sessions and if there are any additional conditions. 

Currently known private health funds supporting physiotherapy telehealth consults are (as of 14/4/20): 


Fund                                 Dates Applicable (if known)                                       

  • Medibank                   Indefinite          

  • BUPA                         Indefinite                   

  • NIB                             14 April - 30 September 2020                 

  • Australian Unity                                                            

  • HBF                            30 March - 30 June 2020                      

  • AHM                           30 March - 30 September 2020            

  • GMHBA                                                                          

  • St Lukes                     

  • Teacher's Health       30 March - unknown

  • Police                         

  • Health Partners         

  • Defence Health          

  • CUA                            

  • CBHS                          

  • Mildura Health           

  • Phoenix                      


Is DVA covered?

Yes, from the 1st April to 30 September 2020, DVA will cover Physiotherapy TeleHealth sessions if the full service can be delivered safely and in accordance with all relevant professional standards and clinical guidelines

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions about this service.

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